28 May 2018

INFRAVIA startup, specializing in infrastructure and sustainable mobility solutions, is the only company in South America to attend Asian Utility Week in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 27 and 28.

The event is one of the world’s leading infrastructure conferences focusing on energy efficiency and operational excellence. Among the speakers is the director of INFRAVIA, Aloisio Pereira da Silva, who will present the INFRAVIA® system, which organizes the energy, telecommunications, gas, water, sewage and urban drainage networks in underground ditches installed under public walkways. In addition, Asian Utility Week hosts an exhibition of products and services from different parts of the world, where the startup will have a booth to present the INFRAVIA® system in Augmented Reality in partnership with the SENAI Innovation Center.

INFRAVIA will also be competing in the “Asian Utility Innovators Awards” in the category “Best Asian Utility Week Startup”, which will be chosen and publicized during the event whose website is http://www.asian-utility-week.com/


INFRAVIA is a company focused on technological development, based on international knowledge and experience.Through cooperation agreements with universities, institutes and public and private companies, INFRAVIA develops constructive systems and innovative solutions for the areas of infrastructure and mobility for smart cities. The objectives are the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the projects, and the maximization of the profit margins of the entrepreneurs, achieving mutual gains.

The INFRAVIA business model is focused on licensing innovative systems and products, as well as on consulting, advisory and training services for all members of the chain involved in the area of infrastructure and mobility, encompassing public agencies, concessionaires, designers, developers, builders and equipment manufacturers, promoting activities such as:

• Development of solutions for the area of infrastructure and mobility focused on innovation, developing new markets and bringing potential customers closer to equipment manufacturers and technology developers.
• Consulting and advice in the areas of infrastructure and mobility.
• Training for the implementation of systems and technologies, aiming the dissemination of information and professional qualification of the teams.