Bus stop adds safety, accessibility and comfort to users, using high-tech tools

Intelbras, a 100% Brazilian company in the segment of security, networks, communication and energy, and Infravias, startup of construction systems and innovative and sustainable solutions for the infrastructure and mobility areas, have established a partnership with the objective of technological development, focusing solutions for smart cities. The first joint project is a bus stop that adds safety, accessibility and comfort to public transport users, using technology tools.

The concept of smart cities has gained attention in recent years because of the increase in global urbanization. In a survey, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) detailed that the use of different technologies can improve access to public services and the results of policies in areas such as security and transportation. In this context of innovation and improvement of the urban mobility that the bus point developed by Infravias and Intelbras is inserted.

“The public transport stop for smart cities intends to develop a proposal for equipment that includes a system of cameras for monitoring and its interconnection with the police and central control of public transport (CCO), aiming at improving public safety and traffic management issues “Explains the CEO of Infravias Aloisio Pereira da Silva. “The objectives proposed with this solution would only be possible through the partnership with Intelbras. It is very gratifying to see two companies in Santa Catarina developing such a promising project”, adds the CEO.

Other innovations that will be used at the bus stop are lighting systems, mobile charging devices (USB) and multimedia display, which will be powered from solar panels. Also will have free WiFi for access to services related to the transport system. Attached to the point, there is a bicycle storage area with possibility of sharing bicycles and scooters.

“Innovation is part of Intelbras DNA, we invested 6% of our revenue in research and development. Therefore, we were extremely happy with the partnership with Infravias. We are sure that the bus stop will revolutionize public transport in smart cities, “says Márcio Ferreira, Commercial Director of Intelbras. “We provide the technology and expertise for the implementation of the CCTV system, solar energy, Wi-Fi and charge electronic devices of bus stops. Equipment such as solar panels and high-speed wi-fi equipment will be used in the solution, “adds Ferreira.

The bus stop is being developed as a proposal for the revitalization of the neighborhood Vila A, in Foz do Iguaçu. It is part of a large urban planning project focused on sustainability, in partnership with the municipal government. Under the sidewalks and bicycle paths will be implemented the INFRAVIA system that organizes gas, water, sewage, electricity, communications and storm drainage networks, facilitating the operation and maintenance of these infrastructures.

About Intelbras

Intelbras is a Santa Catarina company with more than 40 years, 100% national, present in the whole Brazilian territory, through its 250 distributors and more than 150 thousand resellers. The industry develops and produces solutions of security, communication, condominiums, networks and energy. Its solutions serve the residential, condominium and corporate, by protecting, approaching and connecting people. It has four manufacturing units – two in São José (SC) and the other in Santa Rita do Sapucaí (MG) and Manaus (AM), exports to Latin America and maintains an office in China. With innovation as one of its main pillars, it maintains more than 300 professionals specializing in research and development, with a total of approximately 3,200 employees. With revenues of 1.6 billion in 2017, Intelbras is the leader in Latin America in CCTV, in condominiums, switches and telephony. For 14 years, it is considered one of the best companies to work according to surveys of Exame, Você S/A e Época. Recently, and was awarded the Best Industry Award in Customer Service Excellence by Consumidor Moderno, a result of the culture focused on serving and satisfying the Brazilian consumer.

About Infravias

Infravias is a Brazilian startup focused on technological development, based on international knowledge and experiences. Through cooperation agreements with universities, institutes and public and private companies, constructive systems and innovative solutions for the areas of infrastructure and mobility for intelligent cities are developed. The objectives are the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the projects, and the maximization of the profit margins of the entrepreneurs, achieving mutual gains.

Infravias is supported by the Foundation for Research and Innovation Support of the State of Santa Catarina (FAPESC), through the “Innovation Synapse” program. It is also a member of the Green Building Council Brazil (GBC Brazil).


Intelbras – Fabio Saulo Costa
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Infravias – Rosália Dors Pessato

* Text written in portuguese with translation by Dilma Porto