The Infravia system was presented by Infravias CEO Aloisio Pereira da Silva at the Mobility Floripa 2019 event on May 6 at Engineers Association of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis. The meeting brought together engineers, architects, public managers, teachers and students.

Faced with the disorderly growth of cities, the prioritization of individual transportation and the inability to expand road infrastructure, Santa Catarina startup Infravias proposes a solution for smart cities that takes into account urban design and sustainability. This is because the Infravia system organizes the energy, telecommunications, gas, water, sewage and urban drainage networks in underground ditches installed under public walkways and bicycle lanes, facilitating the operation and maintenance of these infrastructures. The infrastructure networks are separated into panels made from construction waste and recycled plastic, following the concept of zero waste.

“The Infravia system is an innovation in terms of infrastructure that over time will prove to be extremely well adopted,” commented Prof. Roberto de Oliveira, organizer of the Mobility Floripa 2019 event.

The installation of the Infravia system allows the creation of accessible and safe sidewalks because it uses the public sidewalk as a base for underground networks. This action promotes active mobility and well-being in cities.

“Another benefit of the system is that network maintenance costs decrease because they are shared by utilities. For urban mobility there are significant gains, as traffic disruptions to maintenance services in networks nowadays distributed along roads no longer exist. By ceasing with the works in the middle of the street, the pavement is preserved for a longer time”, says the Infravias CEO Aloisio Pereira da Silva.

See the presentation in Portuguese at this link.