The mayor of Foz do Iguaçu, Chico Brasileiro, signed a letter of intent with the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), CIBIOGÁS, INFRAVIAS, in the morning of this Monday (28), to improve the Master Plan and development of a pilot project of sustainability in the district Itaipu “A”.

Focusing on the actions of urban planning, the letter of intent, seeks through a broad technological and scientific apparatus, to find intelligent solutions for the sustainable development of cities.

“Last year, I attended the Smart City Expo World Congress, and had the opportunity to get to know the best urban solutions projects in the world. The developed countries invest in sustainable development, and here in Foz do Iguaçu, we are living a very important moment, betting on development and sustainable planning. This letter of intent with PTI, CIBIOGÁS, and INFRAVIAS will give us a short-term future in modern, intelligent and sustainable development, “said Mayor Chico Brasileiro.
Acting Secretary of Planning and Fundraising, Eliane Davilla, highlighted the contributions of the partnership: “This letter of intent joins with the other actions we have already taken to definitively enter the era of urban mobility and sustainable development “He commented.


In the Itaipu neighborhood “A”, a pilot project will be developed aiming at revitalizing the neighborhood with a focus on infrastructure, mobility and the environment. The project integrates a sustainable model of underground trenches under sidewalks and bicycle paths, using recycled plastic construction from urban waste. In addition to organizing the networks of gas, water, sewage, electricity, communications and rainwater drainage.

Who was there

Participated in the signing of the letter of intent and the presentation of the project, the Secretaries of Government, Marcos Jahnke; Extraordinary Accompaniment of Projects and Construction Works, Leopoldo de Castro; Work, Youth and Empowerment, Adriana Luiz; Foztrans Superintendent Director, Fernando Maraninchi; councilors Edson Narizão and Rosane Bonho; representatives of the PTI, CIBIOGÁS, INFRAVIAS, Deputy Soldado Fruet and organized civil society.

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Source: Foz do Iguaçu City Hall