25 Jun 2018

The Infravia pilot project has been installed in Sapiens Parque since 2016. However, the coordination of the park wants to continue the work, installing the system in a 600m stretch – which comprises a pedestrian path that will link two axes of Sapiens Park. The intention is that this route be part of a future park, which will feature a bike path, kiosks and a lake.

“We have a small pavement with the Infravia in the Sapiens Park, but we do not want the pilot project anymore, we need a real project, with everything interconnected. Today, we make two excavations, one on each side of the street. That would be unnecessary if we had a smart system like this, where everything is under the sidewalk in one place, “said Sapiens Parque’s director of operations, Carolina Menegazzo.

The Secretary of Planning of Santa Catarina believes in the potential of Infravia as a tool for building a smart and sustainable city. “We need to think and prepare our city with projects that seek the harmony between the infrastructure and the needs of society,” he said.

Camargo Filho saw how the system works from an application recently developed by the Innovation Center of Senai, where it is possible to check, from augmented reality, the arrangement of wires and pipes under the floor.